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As you can imagine, I accepted with alacrity.

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Word alacrity
Simple Definition a quick and cheerful readiness to do something
  Part of speech   noun
Others alacritousadjective
Popularity Top 20% of words
Examples As you can imagine, I accepted with alacrity.
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    Reference     Merriam-webster
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Complicated Sentences

Surely one of the most striking features of human dynamics is the alacrity with which those who have been oppressed will oppress whomever they can once the opportunity presents itself. —Randall Kennedy, Atlantic, May 1997
Every Disney worker I spoke to, from ticket sellers to gardeners sprucing up already-immaculate flower beds, knew the answer to my questions and responded with smiling alacrity. —Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly, 22 June 1990
… when he entered the drawing room before dinner, the buzz of discussion was high between Tom, Maria, and Mr. Yates; and Mr. Rushworth stepped forward with great alacrity to tell him the agreeable news. —Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814

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